Project 2

9/17/2012 tringel 4 Comments

More Ideas

I have been stuck on thinking about project two. I seem to be at a standstill. I am having no problem coming up with ideas for the topic, but I am having a hard time zoning in on a few. Specifically, how will I design the chosen idea, what information will I present, how will I present the information, what tone will I use? Any-who, as I trudge on to conquer this task by class on Saturday, I will give you a glimpse at the list that has been adding up in my head throughout the past few days. I hope my individual inspires some of you; feel free to add on to the list.

How to...

-pick the perfect produce
-have the perfect beach day
-make images out of clouds
-speed without getting caught
-what to do if you do get caught speeding
-pick a restaurant/place to eat
-get cheeper gas
-survive a port-a-potty
-deal with a forgetful boyfriend
-suppress anxiety

A Solution?

As I was continuing to brainstorm I was also scouring the internet in hopes of narrowing down my list to a few good ideas. I came across this picture which made me think of our class brainstorm. I think it is a rather humorous picture solution to the idea of how to sleep in class/at work.Is anyone this desperate? I think I could be sometimes.

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  1. I think everyone would like to know what to do if you get caught speeding. My petite, blonde, fragile-looking sister always found that turning on both faucets kept the ticket from being written, but that probably won't work for everyone.

    Also, I wish I could see your humorous sleeping-at-work picture, but it's not loading for some reason...?

    1. Hmm, I don't know why it stopped working, but I uploaded a new version so hopefully it will continue to work and you can view it. I think it is pretty crazy.

      Also, I wish I knew the answer to what to do if you get caught speeding. That's the problem with me actually fulfilling that one. I haven't had the best luck with tickets so far.

  2. I can see the picture, which is eerily effective. I like the port-a-potty idea, since I will go to all lengths to avoid using the bathroom if that is the only means available. Port-a-potty survival: get the toilet paper ready first and hook your purse around your neck.

    1. Haha too funny, I agree with you. I think I would rather go to the bathroom outdoors then use a port-a-potty. They now sell small travel sized toilet paper rolls though, so that is a plus.