11/27/2012 tringel 4 Comments

I found this collection of progressing photographs just amazing. This women is using her fingers and, I believe, ink, to create an entire wall design. The finished design is just astounding.

Unfortunately I found this on a random website and do not know her name or any other information. I do not know quite what to search in google, but my efforts have not found anything yet. Let me know if you find more information on this artist.

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  1. Wow, that is amazing. What a creative art form!

  2. I wonder how long it took her to create these?

  3. When I was little, I kinda did the same thing with some magic markers and my bedroom wall. Ma didn't much think it was art...LOL.'s pretty awesome and very creative!

  4. I wonder as well. I wish I could have found the information on this artist to know more. And too funny Rich!