The Pursuit Of Happiness: 2.176

2/07/2016 tringel 0 Comments

I finished our cake! And I'm so excited to try all the components together. It's a chocolate chip cookie and milk cake, thanks to Sprinkles Bakes. All the pieces taste so good on their own, I can't even imagine a slice, combining them all. It's going to be so decadent. Gluttonous. Amazing. We made it as a birthday cake for me, so we will get to try it soon.

I also bought a fantastic cake stand and cover, because you know, I've now made one cake in my adult life, so now I need it. I am obsessed with it though, and I'll be using it for all kinds of things when entraining (myself). I found this when I was shopping with Jenna. I had my first visit to World Market, possibly my new favorite store, definitely top five. And then we visited Home Goods, where I spent all my money at the two.

After we headed to the Super Bowl party at Anna's apartment. They had so much good food, but better then that it was great to see everyone. And, I had an entertaining time playing Super Bowl Bingo, since I didn't have any interest in the actual game this year. Everything made for another great, packed day.

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