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January 23, 2014

I know, you are probably wondering why you have a picture of a beautifully designed wedding package and now you are about to read about my dinner. Well, about five minutes before posting this I was all set fulfill your fantasies by describing another yummy family dinner outing. So, as planned I will "entertain" you with a brief overview of my meal with a stereotypical food shot and then tell you about the joy I got from the silly name of "poppycock," before I get to the good stuff!

My tongue was all over the world tonight
We decided to head out to Wegman's to try out some new food we learned about in their monthly mailing we get. I haven't been in forever but as soon as I entered my love for the store came rushing back. I was overwhelmed with what to try so of course I got a little bit of everything. I went to the sub shop (my old home [where I used to work]) and got a small sub meal with some amazingly delicious buffalo chicken soup. And I tried some mac and cheese and veggies from the vegetarian prepared food bar and I split some very interesting sushi with the fam. My stomach is still way too full. YUM :)

The description sounds delish…the name however reminds me of something else...
We then shopped "quickly" around the store. I def need to go back soon. My mom got some of her favorite non-perils and I got some trail mix. Leave it to the bulk candy section to revert me back to my 5 year old self. I also got individual packs of Boom Chicka Pop, OMG SOO pumped about that!!! I'm slightly obsessed (with the taste and package design) and now I won't be able to mindlessly eat a full party sized bag in one sitting, just 12 of the individual ones….just kidding….maybe. And ,I got some awesome cake toppers for my quarter of a century party coming up (but more on that in a future post I'm sure)! And on the way out poppycock caught my eye both because I love popcorn and cashews and because the name is not what I would expect for a popcorn; so, I thought I would share.

Amazeballs!! <3
But now to the real excitement of the night. I came home to find an invitation in the mail. An invitation addressed to me and Brenden to attend the wedding of my friend Meredith and Colin! Sooo exciting. And even more then that, she designed the invitations herself and they are so fricking fabulous. I can't even explain. I'm in love. Meredith is such an amazing designer and she should def be proud. Sorry I may have gotten carried away with pics but each piece deserves too be seen. Plus, I couldn't decide my favorite piece too share so when in doubt, share it all!

Our first official invitation together!
A wrap around label - how clever! 
The package, fresh out of the envelope
RSVP card is so fun
And of course you can't forget about the backs! Just darling :) 

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  1. I too am in love with her invitation -- and I am having major design envy! :)