The Pursuit Of Happiness: Week In Review

11/19/2016 tringel 0 Comments

Another weekend filled with NYC adventures for the books. Our first stop was The Met where we wander around the exhibits and caught up on life. My favorite was the furniture and the different sculptures we saw throughout. When we were museumed out for the day we headed to food stop number one -- The Meatball Shop. I was super excited to try this place with it's highly customizable menu. And while I was disappointed that there was pork mixed into a lot of the options I was hoping to try, I was happy to still get an amazing meal out of it. The meatballs were full of flavor, and as I said, I was in love with all of the variations I could make. #decisionmakersworstproblems. But really, genius idea. We finished the night relaxing with movies back home.

Day two of NYC equaled more museums and more food. I mean do you know me, what else is there?! We made our way down to Battery Park to check out the Museum of Jewish Heritage before indulging at Lox Café (the real motivation for coming). It was amazing. I can't say enough good things about the café. But first the Museum. Unfortunately the first floor exhibit was closed when we went, but what did see was very interesting. My favorite was the mahjong exhibit. Then there was lox. Lox Five Ways to be exact. Heaven, I was in heaven. Geri and I split this and it was perfect. There was so much food, but of course we managed to eat it all. The types of lox were unique and flavorful. My favorite was the Pastrami Lox followed by Sake Ginger Lox. Geri's favorite was the Grapefruit & Gn Lox. But really, if you like lox, there was no going wrong. Everything was good flavor and good quality. I can't recommend it enough -- and no, I was not endorsed, I just really, really like lox, and food in general.

After eating like queens we decided we need to walk of all the bagels we stacked our lox on. We walked by the waterfront for a bit and took in the gorgeous views. The sun as beginning to set and the kids playing in the park with the war rippling behind them with the Statue Of Liberty in background made for the perfect scene. It was relaxing and beautiful and made me really take in and be thankful for the moment. Our last stop of the day is a true hidden gem -- The Skyscraper Museum. It happened to be directly across from the Museum of Jewish Heritage and I am totally enamored with it. It wasn't huge but it was filled with history about the skyscrapers of NYC and information about skyscrapers around the world. The main exhibit was about NYC skyscrapers between 1874-1900. Did you know a building that was 10 stories tall used to be considered a skyscraper? In NYC today, that seems so small. If you like skyscrapers or architecture, and you are in the area, it is a definite must see! What is your favorite museum in NYC?

Swimming!! I tried swimming for the first time in almost two month (since my injuries got too bad), and it made my day. I met Jeff V. and we swam for about half an hour. It felt so good to be back in the water. I still have a a while to go, but knowing I can swim some makes me feel like me again. Now to work on getting those pesky flip turns down without pain.

Back to cooking up a storm. I got home late from gym-ing and grocery shopping, so I decided to whip up my favorite ramen. It is still as good as ever; so, so easy, and perfect for these colder evenings. What is your go-to-at-home recipe?

It was another late night so it was wonderful to come home to dinner made by my love. It gave us a chance to relax for the rest of the evening, eat some good food and binge more of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.

An evening spent cooking, check. A recipe from Molly on the Range, check. Time spent catching up with a friend, check+. It was super exciting to get together with Cindy and make some good, easy food. It has been so long since I have seen anyone from swimming, it was just great to catch up and hear about all the things I have missed. Plus we both have a love of food, cooking, and traveling which made it that much better. We went on the lighter side and decided to make a salad -- a salad filled with fresh, homemade croutons, soft-boiled eggs, avocado, turkey bacon, and cheese. It was quite delicious to say the least.

Friday night out with friends. Brenden and I met Jeff and Katrina. We checked out Nacho Mama's and then hung out at the scotch bar for a fun night.

How was your week? What were some of your daily highlights? Did you go on any trips this week? Eat any good food? Or just relax and stay warm as the weather turns cold?

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