The Pursuit Of Happiness: Week In Review

1/28/2017 tringel 0 Comments

Saturday was for friends. Shockingly, Jeff V. came over and we used up the last of my sushi supplies making some more delicious rolls. I either had too much rice or too many sushi fillings so I had to keep stocking up on one or the other. Today, I ran out of both at the same time, and so I am going to try to give sushi a break. We will see how long I can hold out. At least a week...hopefully. What is your guess?

In the evening, Lauren and I drove down to to meet Jenna for dinner. We met at an Ethiopian restaurant which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was great to catch up with Jenna. She had just come from the Women's March so it was interesting to hear all about that, and I got to give her the rest of her secret santa present that was finally delivered. Since World Market was right down the street from the restaurant we chose, Lauren of course visited before AND after eating. Who loves World Market as much as I do? Woah is me, I have no money. But I have no regrets on my purchases. Does anyone else get buyers remorse or is that just me?

Sunday was another day that revolved around food. Have you noticed a trend? Today' objective was to make picadillo spiced scotch eggs with Rachel. We both loved the scotch eggs I made on Hanukkah, and I want to try being a little more creative and open with my cooking so why not picodillo + scotch eggs. I have a recipe for picadillo from when I made Picadillo Stuffed Matzoh Balls and I have a recipe for scotch eggs from Molly on the Range. Have you tried anything from this cookbook yet? Do it!

Together Rachel and I figured out how to adapt both and bring them together to make a cohesive plate. And I say it turned out really well for our first try (stay tuned for the recipe coming soon)! On another note, Brenden actually had a Sunday off, so I got to spend my entire day with him around. It was obviously wonderful.

My recipe combining was so successful yesterday, that I was inspired to do it again today. This time my recipe featured cauliflower. I roasted cauliflower a couple weeks ago and it turned out ok. The flavor was good, just not vibrant against the cauliflower. Since then I have been looking for some more ideas for the veggie. What is your favorite way to eat cauliflower? I came across two recipes that looked simple but flavorful. I could not decide which I wanted to try, so I adapted them to fit together. I am in love with what it made (again recipe coming). It was perfect as a forkful right out of the oven, but I'm excited to try it topped on some homemade hummus or even as a pizza topping. The ideas are flowing. 

It's been almost three years, but today was the day I got my hair cut! I got a whole .5 inches cut off and it pretty much looks exactly the same. My goal it grow my hair to my tush, this will probably be another year as its about 6-8 inches shy. Then I want to get it all chopped off, and donate it of course. So tonight was more about consulting and getting ideas for what I could do to my hair in the future. Also, maybe dying it soon? Thoughts? It really doesn't make sense with swimming, but I have never done anything funky with my hair and I am craving something new.

I got to swim again this morning. And I swam for 60 minutes. And (!) I did a pretty legit workout with on of my sometimes training buddies. It felt so good to be able to really swim hard and be one step closer to what I was able to do pre-injury a few months ago. Hopefully now I can get my endurance and seed back up, and be back with the team in no time. I also went grocery shopping and got lunch with my mom, and watch the the team crush it at trivia as I ate my pizza. Tonight was not my night to help, but we got third place, whoop, whoop.

Sometimes a night snuggled in blankets with hot chocolate and an empty mind is just what you need. After an overwhelming day of not feeling to great and over-stressing about my car/a new car (it wouldn't start on Tuesday, but knock-on-wood is working now), it was nice to come home and zone out from all my worries. I turned on some tv, Project Runway Junior is my current guilty pleasure, made some hot caramel hot chocolate, and took some deep breathes. I was feeling a bit better by the end of the night and am ready to take on tomorrow and any of the challenges I will have to face.

I did my first ever test drive for a new car. Oh man, decisions, I'm the worst. The choices are going to be so hard, but I am excited that I am finally excited for a new car, even if it is all my money. And the thai food with Jeff V. It was a surprisingly good and relaxing night.

How was your week? What were some of your daily highlights? Did you get in a good workout? Enjoy some tasty food? Or spend some time relaxing 

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