The Pursuit Of Happiness: Week In Review

1/21/2017 tringel 0 Comments

It was another snowy and icy Saturday, which called for doing absolutely nothing. I slept and binge watched Chuck (yet again) and worked on my puzzle.  Do you have any show that you can just watch over and over and still love so much?

The Lauren's and I have now deemed Sunday, Sushi Sunday. Yass (!), could life get any better?! We gathered at my house and then shopped for sushi making ingredients because we made our own sushi!! Really we made our own feast because we got so much food. We made spicy ramen, and we made sticky rice in my new rice cooker. Brenden got it for me for Christmas/Hanukkah and I am obsessed. It is super easy to use and it even plays twinkle, twinkle little star for me. Once all our ingredients were prepped, we got to rolling. We made so much sushi that I was almost, almost over it. But I'm sure I'll be researching "how to's" on DIY sushi rolls in no time. Do you have a favorite sushi roll? Do you have any tips on at-home sushi?

Happy MLK Day. I had the day off work which was quite wonderful. I was actually shocked that so many people didn't, and I am not quite sure how I feel about it. Thoughts? Any-who, my day was relaxing and full at the same time. It started out with completing my puzzle. I am super excited about this. It looks so good. I don't want to tear it apart but at the same time, I want to make room for starting a new one. Do you have this dilemma? What is your solution? 

After finishing my puzzle, I settled into my couch chair and binged on some Chuck before my momma came over and we headed out to lunch. We went to this new sandwich shop called RegionAle. It was amazing, I will probably be going three more times this week. I like the whole concept of the restaurant but I was super impressed with there vegetarian options. Two words: beet pastrami. I don't even like beets, but this was just ingenious to me. And spaghetti squash bbq sandwiches. So clever. I will be making that at home pronto.

Keia and E came over shortly after we got our Coldstone (who says you can't order ice cream right after eating cookies). They got to see my apartment for the first time, Keia and I chatted, and I hoped I wasn't boring E too much. When they left it was cauliflower pizza making time and relaxing on my own until my love got home.

Sushi Sunday has now become Sushi Tuesday, for me. I told you my sushi aversion wouldn't last long. I had fun making rolls and eating them as I pleased throughout the night. And I even made one for lunch tomorrow. Oh my tummy is so happy. I started my new puzzle too. It's a 1500 piece Disney Villans puzzle and it is chaos. Oh man. I might even have to change my puzzle working location because it is almost to big for it. It's gonna look so good when it is done though.

Trivia night! Bet you couldn't guess that. It was so fun as usual, but mostly because we had a full house for our team and I got to hang out with lots of my friendlies (I'll leave the question answering to them, I just like catching up). Brenden and Mark both had of work so they could come (forcibly by us girlfriends because they weren't feeling well), Cindy came back for a second night of major help, Lauren was back from her sick leave, and Jeff, Sarah, and I were there too. So much fun. We did okay tonight, we got 9th out of 18 with is just barely top half, so go us. And (!) we are in 2nd overall, knock on wood. Playoffs here we come...only 6 more weeks left to maintain that placement. We can totally do it. What do you think? Do you have any useless trivia knowledge? Come help us out.

Lounging, and lounging hard. By now I would say I am a pro-lounger, you should know that. Brenden wasn't feeling well, and I was tired as usual, so we spent the evening catching up on our shows, and eating too much chocolate (oh wait, the chocolate part was just me). We caught up on The Big Bang Theory, Black-ish, and Modern Family. What do you think of those shows?

Because I'm obsessed, I spent the evening yet again making myself some sushi. First Lauren and I went to the Asain market where I was a bit more adventurous and got eel and eel sauce for my sushi making adventures. So excited. And it was so easy and delicious. Professional sushi maker here I come.

How was your week? What were some of your daily highlights? Did you have a good snow day? What is your favorite meal to make at home?

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