The Pursuit Of Happiness: Week In Review

2/04/2017 tringel 0 Comments

Have you ever had a facial? Well I just had my first one, thanks to a gift card from AW. It was magical. Strange, but magical. I don't know if I had a noticeable difference to get one again soon, but the massage-iness of it made me so relaxed. What do you think of facials?

Then I went test driving cars with Sarah. We tested all the SUVs. Not really, but really. Honda, Mazda, Subaru, Volkswagen, Toyota. Woah is me, decisions are hard. I want to start my own car company where I can put components from every car maker together and create my true dream car. But since that isn't really happening wish me luck, I may have narrowed it down from 6 to 5 haha. Progress...even if it is slow.

#SushiSunday. Have you noticed a trend beginning to form? This time Rachel came over and we feasted. I have had a whole weeks worth of practice and skill building, so I went all out. We had eel, tuna, roe, seaweed salad, rice balls, the works. Of course it was just a delicious as before. Maybe better even because I am learning how to spread/place the rice rather then pack it on.

Monday was a Monday. It was a perfectly fine day that end with a perfectly fine night. I made a sushi bowl with tofu I baked and the rest of my sushi left overs. I played my bubble pop game and I watched some tv.

I got a good workout in, in the morning. Progress. It feels good to be a able to do a little more and get a bit back to my norm, even if it is just a little. In the evening my car wouldn't start, again, so Brenden had to pick me up. But that meant we got to spend some time together in the evening. He even bought me butterfinger peanut butter cups to try and cheer me up. And we got pizza delivery since I didn't have a car to get groceries for what I was going to make. What a guy. #eatingmyfeelings.

My car got fixed (!) and Brenden and I went car shopping. I think I've narrowed it down to two cars. And I am leaning towards one more then the other. Now I have to wait until the month is ending though. Good vibes please. Of course we had trivia Wednesday at night. Lauren and Brenden held up the team pretty well. It was just them until half-time, when I got there. I won't mention that we went downhill when that happened...But we squeaked out a sixth place finish. I think we are definitely still in the running for the playoffs as we are now mid-season.

I had a peaceful evening at home in store for me. I ate left overs and tried to clear my mind with mindless games and tv show catching up on, now that all my shows are back (!!!). Who is excited for new seasons. Are you watching anything good? I'm watching too much -- The Fosters, How To Get Away With Murder, The 100, Dance Moms, Switched At Birth, Project Runaway Junior. I told you, it's a lot. What do you think of any of these?

After almost four years, I finally attended a Friday night service. It was honoring AW before he moves not to bigger things. It was really a lovely evening, and I am glad I got to share it with Brenden and some BHC friends.

How was your week? What were some of your daily highlights? Have I convinced you to make your own sushi yet? Did you start any new shows? 

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