The Pursuit of Happiness: Week In Review

2/11/2017 tringel 1 Comments

It's my birthday week(!) -- yes week; I am one of the people (are you?) -- which called for a little early birthday celebration with friends, and cookie cake of course. How do you like to celebrate?Really it was the time that made the most sense to get together with the group for festivities, and it was perfect. Lauren brought her annual homemade and decorated cookie cake. This year I got a very pretty unicorn and "#Tracy;" it was amazing, per usual. Anna and Jenna came to for us to potluck on all of our favorite goodies: spicy noodles, guac, (vegan) deviled eggs, the works. Even DJ and Shane popped by later so we got to hang out with her before they are a family of free later this week. And some of Brenden's work peeps came over too. It was the perfect night of celebration.

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and it was super chill. Brenden had the day off work so we were able to spend some time together and then nom on left over "game day food" as we he watched the game. I was in it for the half time show, and made him explain everything that was going on as I played games on my tablet nearby. It was great. Except for the results of the game. What did you do for the game? Were you happy with who won?

Happy early birthday to me. I bought myself a car! Ahh, it is so surreal. It wasn't meant to be for my birthday, but I guess with the timing it just worked out that way. I am so excited and scared and happy and sad. It's a mixture of emotions, but finally one of them is not stressed about my car situation. I got a dark grey (with bluish tint) Subaru Forester. I am so excited to have a space that is easy to put my bikes in but that still gets decent gas millage for my road trips. And everyone made me feel like I got a good deal so I pretty pleased with myself, especially since I got all my non-essential lighting accessories added for "free." What you think about Subaru's?

Today was a little calmer then the rest of the week so far. There were no celebrations or plans after work, which was good because I am exhausted! Again, Brenden didn't have work, so we made dinner together. Ever since I got my rice cooker and I found out that my favorite Hawaiian restaurant closed from a kitchen fire (devastating), I have been wanting to try making homemade Loco Moco. Loco Moco is a dish with a base of rice topped with a burger, fried egg and gravy. It is amazingly good. And it turned out really good. We will definitely be making it again.

Welcome to the world baby Graullager! DJ and Shane had baby Lucas today, and we got to visit. It was the most precious thing to see Lucas and see Shane and DJ with him as a family. My heart well a bazillion times with love and I felt so happy for them. I am thrilled that everyone is healthy, happy and doing well. They are going to make great parents and Lucas is going to love the world.

Also, we got first place in trivia, and won shots! Had to add that.

Happy Birthday to me. I am now officially 28. Even though I have been telling people I am 28 for a couple weeks I can't believe I am now actually 28. I took a half day at work which concluded with lunch out with the Laurens. After work I met up with my mom and we went to get my nails done, we got Sushi King for Dinner, and then Rachel joined us for my annual birthday cannoli from Vaccaro's. It was quite lovely. And, during dessert, someone got purposed to! It wasn't me, haha. But it was so exciting still. I of course told Brenden all about it when I got home and he was home from work. He gave me lots of love with a wonderful birthday note, a new sloth friend, and old school PS2 with Crash Bandicoot, which I stayed up too late playing.

Happy Birthday Lauren O. It is a week full of birthdays, I mean it is the best time of the year after all. I was excited to help Lauren celebrate her day a little during work and then by taking her out to our new favorite obsession, RegionAle for dinner with Lauren Y. Beforehand Lauren Y. and I got to visit DJ, Shane, and Lucas. They all look so good and they are the perfect little family already. After dinner, Sarah, Mark, and Brenden joined LY and me for freeform show watching, Chick-fil-a eating and pudding shot "drinking."

How was your week? What were some of your daily highlights? Did you celebrate a birthday this week? What did you think of the Super Bowl?

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  1. I loved loved this and so happy you had a good birthday!!! Your car is beautifull!!! You must feel so proud of yourself for buying it-- I hope you can take me on a joy ride when we see each other next ! <3