Date Night Dinners - Top Ten

7/18/2014 tringel 0 Comments

I was pumped to finally be receiving my new camera that I was promised for my birthday (six months ago). We researched and researched the best camera for my needs and wants and finally found it. Then we researched and researched the best price and package for purchasing the camera. Six months later we hit the 'Buy Now' button and a few days later received the confirmation email that it had been shipped. As I stated, I was extremely excited for it to arrive, for many reasons, one of which included having a nice piece of equipment to photograph date night dinners.

While Brenden's somewhat new Moto X has done a pretty decent job, and has easy access to the camera app with just two shakes of the wrist, emailing the "large" amounts of photos I would take and hoping they would all come through using some much data, was getting old. My not smart, but oh so smart, basic phone has a camera that most would laugh at. It does the job, but the photos always seem to come to with a subtle yet annoying haze. And, the fact the my screen has started to go does not help matters. I could use the digital camera I got about 10 years ago, but I don't have time to recharge the battery after every shot, and the lack of freedom to set up aperture and shutter speed would result in nothing better then Brenden's smartphone camera. Unfortunately developing film from the nice black & white film camera I inherited when I first showed interest in photography during high school, is quite a process without our own dark room on hand.

I think you get the point. I was excited. My new Cannon Powershot G15 was well on its way and would be here just in time for this week's date night dinner. Or so I thought. Unfortunately, the shipping has gotten held up and it did not arrive in time. Of course this does not actually effect Brenden and my ability to prepare, cook, and eat a dinner of choice, but mentally it paralyzed me. How could we do a date night dinner without a camera to photograph it? Umm, "we could do what we have been doing," was probably the right answer. But my mind was already made up, we would relax and order pizza from the new place down the street I had heard rave reviews about. And with that notion, Brenden had no objections for pushing off our planned meal to next week. After all he is still in search of a true NY style MD pizza. I think we got close this time...maybe?

But anywho, instead of leaving you hanging we decided to compile a list of our top ten favorite date night recipes we have done this year, and unbelievably it has been almost a full year since we started this. Mind blown. These ten meals are among the ones we have repeated many times since their first appearance in a date night, as they were either easy, quick, cheap or all three. But most importantly they were delightfully delicious! We hope you enjoy, and tell us which ones are you favorites.

  1. Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese
  2. Meatball Hash
  3. Pot Pie Bites
  4. Taco Cups
  5. Mom's Famous Sausage Gravy and Buscuits
  6. Grilled Cheese Deluxe
  7. French Onion Soup
  8. Utensil-less Cauliflower Pizza (Buffalo Chicken)
  9. Falafel
  10. Twice Baked Sweet Potato Casserole

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