The Pursuit Of Happiness: 2.180

2/11/2016 tringel 0 Comments

I purchased my first official blues song, by the one and only Muddy Waters, in honor of my dad's birthday. Muddy was his favorite (he even tried to name me Mudweena, my dad's female version of his number one musician, luckily my mom put a stop to that), so I thought it fitting that Muddy be my first Blues artist purchase. I chose the song "Thats Why I Don't Mind" because a few of the lyrics were spoken by Rabbi Busch at my dad's memorial. They truly touched me, and after all, that is what Blues is all about, reaching into your soul. I am super excited about this new tradition I am starting for myself, in honor of him -- one Blues song every year on his birthday. No gift was good enough for him unless it was a blues CD. Even if you spent $100 on a well thought out present, his response would be, "this doesn't feel like a CD" or "thanks but where is my blues." Looking back, it makes me smile, just one of his many, wonderful quirks. He will make a Blues lover out of me, yet.

Happy Birthday Dad.

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