The Pursuit Of Happiness: Week In Review

12/10/2016 tringel 0 Comments

Another successful recipe from Molly on the Range. Oh man, I'm obsessed. Have you made any of her recipes yet? If not, jump on it! Or let me know, which recipes/cookbooks are you fixating over? I want to try those too. On the menu from her cookbook this week was her hummus with beef. And boy was it good. Any time you see me know, I plan to have a bowl of hummus on hand.

Happy baby shower Momma Jean (sorry I like my nickname too much, you are stuck with it! I was so excited to be able to celebrate with DJ and her family and friends for her baby shower. Her mom did such a lovely job planning the shower. It was in a cute little tea shop where we drank tea with our pinkies out and ate tiny little tea sandwich snacks. There were pastries and dessert, conversation and presents. I got to ask her lots of pregnancy questions and hold my hands on her belly until I felt a teeny tiny kick. There was so much joy and I can't wait to see baby boy Graullagher.

This morning I found an envelope filled with elephant animal crackers in my mailbox at work, courtesy of Jane. That was just the start of a good day. The real highlight was getting to meet Molly Yeh! Cindy and I headed down to DC for one of her last book tour stops where we got to hear her talk about her life and book, and then we were able to have her sign our cookbooks and chat with her briefly. Night made and I was a total fan girl.

Tonight was pretty chill. I started nannying which meant spending most of the night straightening my hair and watching my guilt pleasure, Dance Moms. Cathy is back and the drama is higher then ever. #addicted. What is your guilt pleasure television show?

Another night of nannying meant another night relaxing while the kids did their thing. Happy me, Brenden stopped by to hang out after dinner, and we watched some ABC Family Christmas movies with one of them. The smell of fudgey, chocolatey brownies he was baking up nearby wasn't terrible either.

A year later and I finally finished. Actually, it is probably over a year, but I finally finished the beach umbrella puzzle. Well minus that one pesky piece that apparently went missing. But I'm still calling it a win. No vaccumm-cleaner-puzzle-piece-sucker is going to get me down. Later Brenden and I headed to the gym. It makes me so happy to be doing this with him. Brenden is working to get in better shape and I am working to get moving with my injuries. We are both pushing each other, and it is quality time together, well spent.

Lauren came over and guess what we did. We cooked, what a shocker! We made mushrooms that taste like bacon and some more of those yummy, smoky lentils. Then, to really make the most of our night, we attended a Yule Ball courtesy of Barnes and Nobles.

How was your week? What were some of your daily highlights? Did you cook? Did you clean? Are you ready for the holidays?

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