Umm, Err, Interjections, Yes!

10/07/2012 tringel 0 Comments

I have always strived not to write the way I speak. I speak using many of the cardinal sins that have been listed in Sin and Syntax. Of course my writing is not flawless; I am sure I use interjections more then I realize in writing, but it was interesting to me that an entire chapter is dedicated to enhancing writing using sound words. This chapter was straightforward and made a lot of sense. The use of interjections in comics are famous, and the fact that they make writing sound more personal because it is more like talking makes sense. But, the part that caught my attention most was the last two paragraphs (p. 128).

Hale's reference of the comic book hate, using the words "ya," "uh," "cuz," "eww," etc. and the art of using interjections such as "?!?" made me feel as if I was texting. I text a lot because my boyfriend and I are long distance. Sometimes I am too busy to send a good reply and sometimes I just don't want to text because I would rather have a verbal conversation. I find that a lot of my text messages look exactly like the words above. One word. One interjection. Until this chapter, I never realized I was having an entire side of a conversation with just interjections. Some of my frequently used: "Blah," "Meh," "Yea," "Eww," "O," "Duh."

Although the cartoon below isn't texting, I think it is a great comical example of replying with an interjection, especially because it is one I frequently use.

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